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 "A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art." - Paul Cézanne

Inspired by the wide-ranging feelings and sensitivities we experience as human beings, my aim is to express emotions in a non-figurative way, thereby allowing the viewer to interpret the piece in their own voice. I lean toward abstract expressionism in my mosaic art as a way to relay an emotion or experience, while I lean away from the movement in that I express these feelings primarily in geometric designs.


Art has always been a part of Patrizia's life, having inherited her love for art, and a  bit of talent, from her family that includes ceramists, architects, painters, commercial designers, sculptors and photographers.

Her own art education began when she  was 15 with art classes in Rosèmere, Quebec. Her  teacher, Maryanne Anderson, was a wonderfully eccentric artist in her 70’s who introduced  Patrizia to different media, including oils, acrylics, pastels, pen & ink, and copper relief. Patrizia went on to study painting, drawing, art history, and art education  for a minor in Fine Arts from Concordia University in  Montreal. 

In 1984 Patrizia moved to Toronto, Ontario, where she worked in research and electronic publishing. Leaving the corporate world behind in 2004, Patrizia took a mosaic class where she discovered the wonder of mosaic art.  From the very first class, she was hooked, and within a few weeks bought her own tools and materials and started working at home. A few months later, she started creating her own original designs and producing mosaic pieces in her home studio.

Patrizia is proud to be one of the five Toronto-based mosaic artists, led by Tanya MacFarlane, who created the mosaic mural titled "The Welcome Wall" located in the Victoria Park subway station. It took 18 weeks to create this 303 sq. ft. mural with over 275,000 pieces of glass!

Patrizia's mosaic art has been shown in juried exhibits, art shows, and galleries in Toronto, Hamilton, and Kingston. Her work is in private collections across Canada, the United States, Germany, and Italy.

Patrizia is a founding organizer of  Ontario Mosaic Artists.  OMA was established in 2020 by 6 like-minded friends  to build and strengthen the community of mosaic artists in Ontario and to promote the artform through regular exhibits of contemporary mosaic art. 

Patrizia is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists and a member of the  board of the  Artists' Network.

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