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recent work

Dire Consequence (and we did it to ourselves!) 58 cm in diameter / 20" in diameter Price upon request. Corroded metal including brake shields, washers, hex nuts, screws and nails, agate slices, quartz crystals, kyanite, asphalt, lava rock, slag, jasper beads, lava beads, smalti, stained glass, metal shavings, copper nails, aquarium gravel, coloured sand.

Golden Twilight 35cm x 35cm x 2.5cm / 14” x 14” x 1.5” Price upon request. Stained glass, corroded metal, grey jade, 14K gold stud earring, brass button & compression rings, recycled Turkish glass beads, glass rods, matte ceramic tile.

Carve Your Own Path 60cm x 20cm / 24" x 8" Price upon request. Stained glass, smalti, gold smalti, fresh water pearls, glass beads & rods, glass tiles, copper & gold metal tube beads, corroded metal, brass compression rings.

Snowdrifts 30cm / 12" round Price upon request. Stained glass, marble stones, fresh-water pearls, bugle beads, fine stone granules.

Karesansui 51cm x 35.5cm / 20" x 14" SOLD Stained glass, slate, ceramic tile, upcycled concrete

Nothing in Life is Perfect 45cm x 45cm / 18" x 18" SOLD Ceramic & porcelain tile, brass compression rings, mother of pearl shell, recycled glass tiles, glass beads & rods; corroded metal, stained glass, vitreous tile.

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