recent work

Karesansui 51cm x 35.5cm x 6 cm / 20" x 14" x 2.5" Available for purchase. Karesansui, the tranquil dry landscape gardens of Japan, appear deceivingly simple. Just sand and rocks, some shrubbery, maybe a water feature. Yet the landscape, founded in Zen ideology, is a small, carefully composed arrangement surrounded by a wall, and meant to be seen from a single viewing point from outside the garden.

Seeking the Hidden Key 40cm x 30.5cm / 16" x 12" SOLD Check out my Blog post "Seeking the Hidden Key" to learn a little about my friend Jane, the amazing woman who inspired my mosaic.

Natural Resources Canada - Forestry, Mining, Fossil Fuels 56cm x 30.5cm / 22" x 12" Available for purchase.

Reaching Out 20cm x 20cm / 8" x 8" NFS A mosaic submitted to the @the.connecting.project, an international project connecting the world of mosaic during COVID-19. Each mosaic is 20cm x 20cm, with a 3cm x 1cm piece on each side. The round, multi-coloured centre represents the virus and our attempt to contain it. It is surrounded in sky blues and flora greens to represent Mother Earth as humanity reaches out and joins together from its 4 corners to isolate and combat the virus.

Frayed Nerves 60cm x 30.5cm / 24" x 12" Available for purchase.

Nothing in Life is Perfect 45cm x 45cm / 18" x 18" Available for purchase.